4 Things to Consider Before Booking a Wedding Venue

One of the first vendors you’ll book for your wedding is your venue – and while it’s such an exciting decision to make, there are a few things to consider before making it official. 


Venue, catering, and bar can be some of the highest costs when it comes to weddings. When you’re reviewing your budget, it’s great to get an idea of what catering and bar costs are in your area before you book your venue.

There have been couples who spend most of their budget on their venue, and then get overwhelmed by the cost of food and drink – after already being locked in a venue. Get an idea of costs, start a spreadsheet, and determine a budget for your venue.

You can find the venue cost of Barnwood Events here.

Guest Count

Solidify your guest list, because the number you’re inviting shouldn’t be more than the venue’s capacity. Typically, about 15-20% of guests RSVP as not attending, so you can keep that in mind.

The capacity at Barnwood Events is 300 for the safety and comfort of your guests.

Ceremony Location

If you are hoping to have your ceremony and reception at the same venue, first make sure that it’s an option at the venues you tour. You should also make sure there is an inside option in case of bad weather, and determine if there is an extra fee for hosting a ceremony. Factor that into your budget

For those who are having a ceremony and reception at different venues, it’s important to consider the location of both. Will you need transportation? Will it work in your timeline?

We offer six different ceremony locations at Barnwood Events, and the fee for a ceremony is listed in this brochure. We are also happy to host only your reception on the same day, or a different day, if your ceremony is being held elsewhere.

Extra Fees

It’s so important to read through a venue’s contract before committing. Look for extra fees that you may incur so that you have a full picture of your venue cost, the rules, use of venue, and more.

Barnwood Events offers a calculator after you tour to add up every fee included with booking the venue so there are no surprises when it’s time to pay. We also give you a contract and require you to read it through before committing so everyone is on the same page.

Photo by Brianna Kraft Photography