Six Locations for your Ceremony

Ceremony Locations
at Barnwood Events

Outdoor Locations

The Willow Tree

The willow tree is our most popular ceremony location, with hundreds of weddings taking place under it’s branches. It’s a stunning location on the front lawn that can seat up to 300 guests.

Photo by Katie Ricard Photography

The Grand Oak Tree

The oak tree is over 200 years old, and makes a beautiful, grand backdrop for your ceremony. The longer walk from the barn to the arbor creates a remarkable entrance. 
Photo by Ebby L Photography 

The Red Oak Tree

Just a few feet from the front door of the barn, pass the wine barrel-lined garage to reach the arbor of your choice. The Red Oak Tree location can seat 150 people max.

Photo by Azena Photography

The Back Lawn

This is an intimate location, seating 100 or fewer people, right next to the windows on the porch. This makes the transition from ceremony to cocktail hour quick and simple. 

Photo by Dave Wood, Barnwood Events


Indoor Locations

The Porch

Our porch can seat 200 for a ceremony, with five chairs on each side of the aisle. After the ceremony, as your guests go to the main hall for cocktails and snacks, our staff transforms the ceremony space to the typical lounge space for guests to enjoy for the rest of the evening.

Photo by Amanda Jen Photography

The Main Hall

For indoor ceremonies with more than 200 guests, we customize your table layout to include an aisle and all chairs facing toward our big barn doors – the backdrop for your ceremony. With this set up, decorating is done before the ceremony and doesn’t cause commotion during your cocktail hour.

Photo by Dave Wood, Barnwood Events

Barnwood Events venue was founded in 2020 to provide a unique space and wooded location to help make your special event memorable for you and your guests.