Barnwood Decor Closet

Barnwood Events has a closet full of decor that you can use free of charge for your wedding or event. Our clients love this service and use our items to make their day their own – whether it’s using only our decor or a combo of our decor and items they bring in themselves. At your planning meeting, we will go over what items you would like to use and have them ready for you the day of your event. 

A few items have a rental cost associated with its use, and that is listed underneath the photo. 

Table Numbers

Rust acrylic table numbers with wooden stand
Qty: 33

Basic table number with varied stands
Left Qty: 54
Middle Qty: 54
 Right Qty: 14

Decorative table numbers
Left Qty: 15
Middle Qty: 25
 Right Qty: 13

Carved table numbers
Qty: 19

Table Decor


Gold votives with tea light
Qty: 150

Silver sparkle tall tea lights
Qty: 23

Lighted wine bottles
Qty: 16

6 foot burlap table runners
Qty: 68


Large wooden lantern
Qty: 8

Medium wooden lantern
Qty: 20

Small wooden lantern
Qty: 19

Small and large windowless lanterns
Qty: 2


Small and large wood slices
Many of each size

Candle sticks
Short Qty: 8
Medium Qty: 6
Tall Qty: 4

Golden lighted branches
Qty: 10


Hurricane vases
A few sizes, but all similar
Qty: 16

Atlas and Ball jar vases
Ball Qty: 14
Atlas Qty: 12

Milk jug vases
Large Qty: 10
Small Qty: 11

Various bouquet vases
A few sizes, but all similar
Qty: 16

Assorted bud vases
Qty: 12

Assorted empty wine bottles
Qty: 21

Metal black pales
Small Qty: 6
Mini Qty: 7


Pink floral bundles
Qty: 4

Ivory floral bundles
Qty: 20

White rose sprigs
Darker Leaves (left) Qty: 15
Lighter Leaves (right) Qty: 50

Individual fabric roses
Pink Qty: 25
Ivory Qty: 25

Eucalyptus sprigs
Qty: 55

Eucalyptus runners
Qty: 17

Lambs ear half-moons
Qty: 25

Fern runners
Qty: 20

Purple and greenery sprigs

Decorative pine cones
Qty: 50

Greenery sprigs
Qty: 34

Head table greenery
Created for behind the head table
Photo: Jay and Tay Photography

Greenery photo backdrop
Rental Cost: $200

White rose photo backdrop
Rental Cost: $200

Large Wooden Frame
Can be by itself of with added greenery panels
Rental Cost: $150 or $300 with panels


Rust acrylic signs
Please Sign our Guest Book
Old Fashioned Signature Cocktail
In Loving Memory

Acrylic ‘In Loving Memory” sign

Ampersand sign

Chalkboard sandwich boards with chalk markers to customize
Qty: 3

Light up ‘Love’ letters

Wine cork place card holders
Qty: 180
Corks with slit to put place card and flat bottom to sit on table

Please Sign Our Guestbook sign

Gifts and Cards sign

Unplugged Ceremony sign
With rope

In memorial sign

Other Decor

Wooden card box

3 heart-shaped baskets
Small, medium, and large


Gold chargers
Qty: 250
Rental Cost: $1/charger

Ivory curtain
Often used as a backdrop for
indoor ceremonies
Rental Cost: $100

Dessert display

Pallet photo display with clothespins
Qty: 2 


Metal easels
Qty: 3

  • Fairy lights
  • Variety of ribbon, rope, and fabric
  • Small jars and miscellaneous vases
  • Large, framed chalkboard signs


Hexagon arbor
Photo by MSX Photography

Triangle arbor
(Flowers not included)
Photo by Amanda Jen Photography

Pergola arbor
Photo by MSX Photography

Sample Designs

Small lanterns, white rose 
sprigs, gold votives, large
 table number holders

Photo by MSX Photography

Wood slice, eucalyptus sprigs, carved table number, jar
with fair lights
Photo by Wild Pines Photography

Medium lantern, fern runner, fairy lights, small table
number holder
Photo by Ben and Katya

Wood slice, eucalyptus sprigs,
Photo by Paul Gero Photography

Barnwood Events venue was founded in 2020 to provide a unique space and wooded location to help make your special event memorable for you and your guests.