Wedding Guest Etiquette and Tips

Since we spend most of our weekends at our wedding venue, we see the good, the bad, and the ugly from wedding guests. Here are our tips for first timers and seasoned wedding guests alike. 

Show up early

If the ceremony is at 4PM, plan to show up by 3:45PM. This extra time will help you account for unexpected traffic, needing to use the restroom before the ceremony, finding your seat, and more – without interrupting the most important part of the day.

Stay unplugged

These days, most couples hire a photographer to capture their ceremony and wedding day. Keep your phone on silent and resist taking pictures during the ceremony, as the phones down the aisle and raised above heads can ruin the photographer’s perfect shot. Even if there is no “this is an unplugged ceremony” sign, the couple likely would prefer you to refrain from photos during those big moments.

Follow the gift guidelines

If there is a registry for gifts, a lot of couples prefer to have the gifts sent to their home (instead of brought to the venue) so they have less items to pack up at the end of the night. If they ask for no gifts, there is likely a reason, and a card will be more respectful of their wishes. 

Be patient during dinner

When there’s a buffet for dinner, the caterer or DJ will often dismiss your table to get dinner. Wait until you are told to go through the buffet line to not overwhelm the staff, and keep the evening on track. 

Be considerate of the venue

Damage to the venue falls back on the couple, and it’s likely they don’t want to start their marriage off without the return of their damage deposit. Treat the venue the way you would want your home to be treated, and there shouldn’t be any issues. If you see something going wrong, alert the venue staff right away. 

Overall, it’s good to read up on the couples wedding website for all expectations. Remember that it’s the most important day of their lives, and following their wishes is a simple way to make sure it goes seamlessly.

Photos by Lori Renee Photography