Alternatives For Restricted Wedding Items

There are a few items most wedding venues don’t and can’t allow in their spaces for safety, and sometimes just simply practical, reasons. But just because there are limitations doesn’t mean you can’t achieve your wedding visions. 

Here are a few items that Barnwood can’t allow in our space, with awesome alternatives to perfect your Pinterest-perfect moment. 


Our barn is FILLED with wood – so fire could be a concern. With so many people at a wedding, catastrophes are possible, so we don’t allow open flames. 


Another fire hazard: sparklers. You can still have really amazing grand exit photos using an alternative to fire.


Confetti is fun in the moment, but it’s certainly going to be on the floor in all of your photos. On top of that, it can take us weeks to gather all of it, so it makes an appearance at all of the weddings that follow yours (whether they like it or not!).

  • Streamer poppers are our best recommendation because they stay connected to the vessel they are in, so they can easily be thrown away. Some people use these for a grand exit, too!

Flower petals

If you’re having an outdoor ceremony, it’s best for your flower girls to use real flower petals or biodegradable fake petals. Picking the fake petals out of the grass is time consuming for you, and any leftovers can be harmful to the wildlife that lives on our property. These alternatives can be thrown out by your flower girls and safely left after the ceremony. 

We’re happy to give other recommendations to make your big day exactly what you envisioned. Thank you for respecting our property for your wedding and all the weddings to come!

Fiber Optic Wands
Photo by Amanda Jen Photography

Flameless Candle Sticks
Photo by Twig and Olive

Streamer Poppers
Photo by G Martel Photography