Why Consider a Friday Wedding?

Want a Saturday wedding, but all Saturdays you want are booked at your dream wedding venue? There are major benefits to a Friday wedding that you might not have thought of. More availability and lower cost are the two big benefits, and this blog outlines a few more, too.


Saturdays are always the first days to be booked for wedding venues, sometimes years in advance, but Fridays are still a popular day. It may be easier to nail down a Friday date compared to a Saturday.

If you don’t want to wait more than a year (or two) to tie the knot, Barnwood Events still has summer and fall availability for Fridays in 2024.


Across the wedding industry, it’s common for Friday weddings to have a little bit of a price break – which can be a big bonus for your budget.
At Barnwood Events, our pricing is transparent and listed here. A Friday wedding in 2024 and 2025 is $600 less expensive than a Saturday wedding! Other wedding vendors may have a discounted rate for Fridays compared to Saturdays, too.


Photographers, caterers, bakers, DJ’s, officiants… they all book Saturdays first, too. By choosing a Friday wedding, you have a better chance of securing your top-choice wedding vendors.


When there are back-to-back events at a wedding venue, it can be difficult to schedule a rehearsal on the property the day before. For example, a Saturday wedding may not be able to have an on-site rehearsal on Friday if there is a wedding at the venue at that time. Since Thursday weddings are not as popular, securing an on-site rehearsal for a Friday wedding is much more feasible.

When booking your rehearsal dinner reservation, it may be easier to book for a big group on a Thursday compared to a Friday.


Some couples are worried their guests may not be able to attend a Friday wedding. Most couples send out save the date information six to 12 months before their wedding, so your guests can schedule their travel ahead of time. Then they have the entire weekend to enjoy Madison and all it has to offer.
Booking your wedding

Whether you’re interested in a Friday or Saturday wedding (or Thursday or Sunday!), we’re happy to give you a tour and answer any questions you have. Fill out this form and we’ll reach out to you.