Benefits of a DJ at Your Wedding

A DJ does much more than just hit play on your wedding playlist – we think they’re one of the keys to a fun and smooth wedding reception. Here are a few reasons we always suggest you say “yes” to a DJ!

Professional Equipment

Your DJ will show up at your wedding venue with their professional equipment that they use nearly every weekend. It’s sure to work and they’re well equipped to make any needed changes – so you don’t have to worry about troubleshooting on your most important day.

Act as the Emcee and Keep Reception on Schedule

DJ’s act as an emcee throughout the day and ultimately help keep the timeline on schedule. They can give announcements for when to be seated for dinner, when shuttles arrive, when the bar is closing, and so on. Without someone to make these announcements and keep the night moving forward, guests can be left wondering “what’s next?”

Adjust Music as the Night Goes on

DJ’s constantly adjust their song choices to keep the party going. If ABBA is bringing everyone to the dance floor, they’ll stick with similar songs to keep everyone dancing. If having a full, fun dance floor is important to you, hiring an experienced DJ is the best way to accomplish it.

Take All Feedback

The last thing you want to worry about on your wedding day is feedback from your guests on things like not hearing the speeches, the music being too loud, or their favorite song not being played. Your DJ can field all of this feedback – and more – and take the pressure off of you.

If you can’t make a DJ work in your budget, Barnwood has options for music and microphone amplification both indoors and outdoors.