Our Tips for Tipping

When the wedding day gets closer and the final details are settled, couples start to wonder about the little things. One question we get often is about tipping – who do we tip? How much is standard? Here are our tips for tipping.

Wedding coordinators, photographers, videographers, DJ’s, shuttle drivers

With these professionals, we always say that “it’s the thought that counts.” A tip is not required, but taking the time to provide a little note and a tip shows that your vendors went above and beyond and that you appreciate their work. $50-$100 is wonderful.

Beauty professionals

Just like in the salon, it’s standard to tip hair and makeup artists 20%.


At Barnwood, we set out tip jars for guests to provide tips if they feel like they have had good service. If you want to show extra appreciation, the bartenders are always appreciative. $20-$50 per bartender is kind.

Service Charge vs. Gratuity

It’s important to know the difference between a service charge and gratuity. A service charge often covers time spent working outside of your event time, supplies, and other expenses – and is not a tip.

At Barnwood, the service charge placed on the bar package covers the plasticware, fruit, and the time staff spend placing orders, preparing and cleaning the bar, and more. This doesn’t go to the bartenders, but the venue. The same is often true with catering.

When in doubt – a little tip and a kind note goes a long way for your vendors who work so hard to make sure your day is perfect.