Why You Can’t BYOB to the Barn

What do we mean by “no carry-ins allowed”, and more importantly, why is this a rule?

Barnwood Events proudly holds a full liquor license and has fully trained, licensed bartenders on staff. We’re required to purchase all alcoholic beverages from vetted distributors, and drinks must be served by licensed bartenders – just like at your favorite bar or restaurant. This means, by law, we have to follow the same restrictions bars and restaurants have regarding carry-ins. 

As venue owners and staff, we’re not trying to ruin your fun by saying no to coolers and carry-ins, we’re keeping the serving and distribution of alcohol safe at your celebration.

Choosing a venue that has a liquor license comes with benefits to those hosting events. At Barnwood specifically, we have: 

  • Large variety of liquor, tap beer, wine, cocktails, and canned seltzers, ciders, and beers
  • House and premium wine and liquor
  • Options for affordable hosted packages, cash bar, ala carte hosted beverages, or a combination
  • Getting Ready Packages available for drinks to be purchased before the bar opens
  • Seasoned bartenders who are trained for and experienced in working events

To ensure all weddings and events go on as planned, Barnwood staff will confiscate any carry-in’s and fines may be applied. Thanks for your understanding!

Photo by Paul Gero Photography